Hiring Made Easy

Customer: Urban Fitness Oakland

Industry: Fitness and Personal Training

Company Size: Less than 20 Employees

“HireMojo has saved us a ton of time, our process before there were so many steps from writing the ad, to posting the ad, to responding to emails, scheduling. Just so many layers and HireMojo just streamlined everything.”
-Noah Kinner, Urban Fitness Oakland

The Challenge

Urban Fitness Oakland is a growing personal training gym; their goal is to train everyone like an athlete. Noah Kinner needed an employee that could take on this responsibility and give his clients their absolute best. With a business that needed his full attention how did Noah find this individual? How could he concentrate on the lengthy process of advertising, screening, and interviewing when he had clients who counted on him? He was struggling to find the right person for the job.


  • Building a business in a recovering economy is not easy. One of the first things to suffer is usually the “extras”, like personal training. Despite the challenges Noah Kinner has built Urban Fitness Oakland into a thriving business and it now needed to grow. One of the things that makes Noah different is the fact his clients are trained very specifically, as if each and every one of them were athletes.
  • This meant his new employees needed to be prepared to give their ALL to the clients. Noah was looking for a very specific skill set his new Fitness Coach. One of the main problems was that he still had to make sure he was focusing on the needs of the business while finding this person.
  • Upon a recommendation from a colleague Noah tried HireMojo. With its patented hiring software it allowed Noah to focus on his business, not just hiring someone for the business. With some input from the HireMojo support team, he launched a job description for Fitness Coach. The software allowed him to monitor the process and delivered 47 qualified, screened applicants automatically scored and ranked.. Not only did it do that, but it did it within a week!
  • Not only had it been filled, but Noah’s applicants were impressed with the whole entire process and how it made them feel like they were more than just a resume! “The HireMojo process I felt like was much more involved and invested for me and the employer so we both brought more to the table than before.” Will, applicant
  • The platform matches the businesses unique personality with that of the applicant’s in intuitive, hands free step. “You get a feel of who that person before they even come through my door, which saves a lot of time.” Noah, owner
  • A solution that allows you to build your business, not just work on it? A solution that finds qualified applicants and delivers them to you? A solution that helps you from recruit through interviewing through hiring? A solution that has a 10 day money back guarantee?