Future of hiring

HireMojo AmericaWorks®

Were you aware that most positions in the United States are open an average of over 90 days? That means tens of thousands of people are stuck in limbo as they try to find the right job for them, and companies could be paying those wages to the right people.

Our focus is singular in making sure AmericaWorks®:
We focus on connecting the right people with the hiring manager, faster.

With a Big Hairy Audatious Goal (BHAG) to reduce the unemployment rate below 3% (ultra challenging since the Great Resignation), HireMojo is determined to positively affect the job landscape by helping connect the people that matter most in the hiring process - the hiring manager and the right candidate. By making this process faster, thousands of Americans will be able to get back to work faster, helping the individual, the company and the country.

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