The World's First Hiring Automation Platform

Meet Mo, your RecruiterBot®. HireMojo gives you the gift of time through a subscription-based Hiring Automation Platform™ that utilizes AI, robots, big data and analytics to help you fill jobs across your company faster, easier and less expensively.

Mo has already purchased and manages all the candidate research tools, sponsored listings, job postings, direct sourcing, screening capabilities, and everything else you’ll need so you can focus on your hires, not the tools.

Mo handles all the repetitive grunt work so you can spend your time interviewing and hiring top performers

Unleash Your Inner Hiring Superhero

The Complex World of Hiring, Made Simple

One Simple Subscription

Use Analytic
proven data
to hire faster

Smart placement
marketing distribution
across the

Work Only With
Qualified Applicants;
Schedule, Notate
and Track

Unlimited Users
and Easy

How HireMojo Works

Hiring just got smarter

Step 1: Search

Quickly search through our database of successful job descriptions and interview questions, and customize the ones that are statistically proven to find you the best candidates. Or upload your own in a matter of seconds.

Step 2: Launch

Leverage Smart Job Posting that uses predictive analytics and real-time data to market your jobs where you’re most likely to find your next hire. Our Cloud Recruiting® Recruiterbot® sources 4 million active and passive applicants in addition to the job marketing.

Step 3: Screen and Score

Automatically screen and score candidates to eliminate the time you waste reviewing resumes. A patented online interview system ensures you only need to focus on the best talent.

Step 4: Manage and Hire

HireMojo is like an applicant tracking system on steroids. Easily automate the many manual tasks you have to deal with to quickly make the hires that will grow your business.  Fill your job, not your inbox®!

Get the most qualified candidates
across the web

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Including HireMojo's 4 Million
pre-sourced candidates