Phoenix Manufacturing Keeps Hiring “Cool” Thanks to HireMojo

Company Description

For more than 40 years, Phoenix Manufacturing has designed, manufactured and distributed evaporative cooling products under the Evapcool brand name, for commercial and residential customers.

The Challenges

Prior to bringing on HireMojo, Phoenix Manufacturing’s sourcing process was not systematic, relying on various agencies and referrals for their candidate stream. Typically, Phoenix Manufacturing would receive 45 – 200 applicants for each job posted. HR Manager Kitty Hammette was responsible for ploughing through every single resume, line by line, to determine which applicants might be qualified enough to interview. “It took hours and hours of my time,” she said. There was a lot of pressure to fill open positions quickly, but the process usually took more time and effort than expected, risking loss of company efficiency and sales.


With HireMojo, Kitty now has the entire process at her fingertips. The dashboard gives her a trackable overview of all hiring activities, and she can dive deeper into particular candidates, evaluate sources, develop metrics and even enrich her interviewing skills. HireMojo’s posting reach ensures that candidates are sourced from a wide selection of job boards, automatically. As part of the HireMojo service, Kitty receives a score and evaluation for each candidate, so that she can focus just on the most likely individuals – no more studying hundreds of random resumes! The library of suggested interview questions provided by HireMojo was particularly helpful to Kitty ,suggesting interesting ways to make her interviews more productive.


Kitty found HireMojo’s cost-effective services easy to learn and use, and she enjoyed great support when needed. The most important bottom line — on March 16, 2014 she gave HireMojo the go-ahead to help fill an important shipping supervisor position. A total of 99 applications resulted and the streamlined process let Phoenix Manufacturing make the mission-critical hire by April 16 — a record for the company!