Customer: Pacific Crest Group

Industry: HR & Financial Consulting

Company Size: Less than 50 Employees

Streamlining Hiring Process by 80% Means a Stronger Bottom Line for Business Consulting Group.

Company Description

Pacific Crest Group (PCG) provides vital strategic consulting and operational services for small businesses to create successful strategies for growth and efficiency in their organizations. PCG helps its clients develop effective solutions for streamlining operations through strategic planning and implementation of accounting, bookkeeping, human resources and payroll systems.

The Challenge

Pacific Crest Group is a business that assists in operational services. This means they will often help their clients find the right employees needed to keep their businesses running successfully. Each candidate that PCG forwards to a client company has to be a compelling contender, as they directly reflect PCG’s grasp of the client’s business and culture. Every candidate counts! Before they found HireMojo, PCG staff had spent a great deal of precious staff time and resources just on creating and distributing the job postings, and it could take weeks just to get job posted and even more weeks before qualified candidates were identified. Another problem before HireMojo was the oceans of hard-copy resumes and files stacking up in the office. Definitely not good for a company that helps clients be environmentally conscious! Finally, when PCG needed new employees, it was just as time-consuming, and that meant staff were spending precious resources on in-house operations instead of being able to focus fully on their clients’ needs. Fortunately, a friend referred PCG owner Franka Winchester to HireMojo.


Using the HireMojo solution, PCG was able to help all of its clients find highly qualified applicants and fill staff positions. Client companies included (either company names or the industries they represent). PCG also used HireMojo for their own search for new employees and were excited by the efficiency and speed of the new process, and how easy it was to learn and use. Applicants appreciated the experience, especially the speedy feedback on the application and screening process. With HireMojo’s hiring recruitment solution, PCG was able to review all applicants, their qualifications and the review process on one online platform.


Pacific Crest Group on average receives over 100 applicants for their positions like HR Manager, Accounting Manager, Office Manager and etc, with their hires occurring within two weeks of the launch date. For PCG’s internal staff needs, the first position was posted quickly, and within the first week, 24 qualified applicants were identified.

By the end of just three weeks, PCG had completed interviewing and had hired two new employees. The process saved staff time and money, and allowed PCG to focus on supporting their clients. Not only was paperwork virtually eliminated, the process was streamlined by 80%. That will mean a huge increase in productivity when PCG is helping clients fill positions, and that translates directly to a healthy bottom line!