Corporate Wellness Consultant gets Healthy Bottom Line Help from HireMojo.

Company Description

Orriant offers its corporate clients customized employee health improvement programs based on individual accountability for lifestyle choices and incentives for healthy behaviors. Orriant can help a company to operate leaner while promoting greater health in its employees. Orriant is the answer and solution to rising healthcare costs.

The Challenge

A fast-growing company in the hot healthcare cost-control industry, Orriant helps its corporate customers control and even reduce the cost of health coverage for their workers, To meet demand for its hands-on services, Orriant needed to source and hire the best candidates quickly and cost effectively.


A modest $295 investment by Orriant launched the HireMojo recruitment and screening process. HireMojo’s software allowed Orriant to adapt the screening process to its corporate vision and the candidate’s personality, to avoid “good skills/bad fit” candidates. Orriant was able to review the ranked applications on a single screen to select candidates for interviewing, significantly streamlining the recruitment process.


Within two weeks, Orriant was able to focus on 36 highly qualified candidate applications. Orriant hired five new staff from those 36 applications in less than one month.