HireMojo Drives Expansion

Customer: DeanHouston, Inc.

Industry: Business-to-Business Marketing Communications

Company Size: 50-100 Employees

Integrated Marketing Firm Uses HireMojo to Drive Overseas Expansion, Domestic Growth and their Bottom Line.

Company Description

Established in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1988, DeanHouston is rapidly growing, full-service, business-to-business marketing communications firm, helping major manufacturing companies increase revenue and net income through integrated, effective branding and marketing programs. With offices in Chicago, Ill.,, Ontario, Calif., and Shanghai, China, DeanHouston has enjoyed long-standing client relationships with companies including Dover Corporation, OPW Fueling Components, Blackmer, Hydro Systems, OPW Fluid Transfer Group, Champion Laboratories, LSI Industries, Dover Pump Solutions Group, Ferguson Beauregard, Texas Hydraulics, Source North America Corporation and The Rainmaker Group.

The Challenges

  • Before bringing HireMojo on board, DeanHouston’s Rene Normand had no consistent hiring platform for sourcing candidates.
  • Hiring managers throughout the company used multiple online job boards, and Rene felt the hiring process was “chaotic.”
  • Candidate quality was not meeting the company’s standards.
  • Rene and the hiring managers depended on a basic spreadsheet to track candidates and the application process, but it was cumbersome and required manual entry and updating.
  • Rene functions as the company’s entire HR department, and the time-intensive candidate search process was impacting her ability to focus on the highest value-add HR functions for the company.


  • For an HR department of one, the HireMojo consolidated recruiting tool eliminated the need for posting jobs to multiple online sites.
  • In just an hour, Rene is able to review a set of candidates with the best fit for the company -- a process that used to require 15 or more hours of her time.
  • The candidates’ applications are prioritized by skill set, helping Rene and the hiring managers be more productive. The Shanghai office was seeking to fill a key position, and Rene introduced the hiring manager to HireMojo, and the tool quickly helped them zero in on the top candidates.
  • Rene believes that the candidate questionnaire itself is a valuable screening strategy: “Any candidate that takes the time to answer those critical questions is already someone who is really interested in working with us,” she says. And the answers to those questions help her find candidates who share DeanHouston’s client service philosophy.
  • The HireMojo staff supported Rene throughout her learning curve, available for guidance and working with her as partners, not just vendors.


  • In two months, HireMojo was able to provide 64 candidates for a PR Manager position, and Dean Houston found their perfect hire.
  • The sourcing of candidates, once a huge drain on Rene’s time, is now a streamlined, effective process with a one-stop platform that gives her a global view of the whole function, across multiple offices.
  • The company’s hiring supervisors are now more efficient, since they can quickly review a highly tailored selection of applications prioritized by skill set instead of piles of resumes.
  • The quality of candidates sourced through HireMojo is exceptional, according to Rene. DeanHouston has high standards for employee dedication, attention to detail and client-centric focus -- HireMojo’s questionnaire process makes finding such people a snap!
  • With HireMojo, Rene is confident that she can find and hire the team that will build DeanHouston to the next level.