What is RecruiterShare?

RecruiterShare® is the recruiting industry equivalent to ridesharing! When you need help finding the top talent for a job that needs to be filled ASAP, RecruiterShare® provides an instant connection to vetted, top-rated recruiters in minutes. The recruiters manage jobs from start to hire and are armed with all the latest tools and resources. Best of all for the CFO, the company saves over 60% compared to the traditional agency model.

Companies can add and use the same outside recruiters they already know and love, as well as get access to other proven recruiters in specific domains (marketing, IT, sales, finance, etc.), industries, job levels and locations (New York, Paris, London, Chicago, etc.).

For companies, RecruiterShare® consolidates all outside recruiter help into one simple agreement, structure and low fixed fee model. Managers can easily engage the recruiters they love in less than a minute using their personal portal, and HR has all the transparency and HRIS integration they require.

What is the relationship between HireMojo and RecruiterShare?

RecruiterShare® is one of the brands in the HireMojo family. The RecruiterShare® application is an extension of the HireMojo hiring automation platform, which uses patented, state of the art technology to find and assess top qualified candidates for any industry, department, level or location in the U.S. and Europe.

What do I get with a HireMojo Software Subscription?

A HireMojo software subscription provides you with unlimited user access to the HireMojo Hiring Automation platform, where your team can use the candidate management dashboard to review candidates, schedule interviews, make notes and more. Additionally, a HireMojo subscription includes an automatically updated careers page that you can add to your website, enabling candidates and employees to view and share all of your available job openings.

What is a Hiring Automation Platform?

We believe that applicant tracking should be free, as hiring a great new employee is the ultimate goal, right? We focus on finding you your next hire by automating the process to include helping you to create your hiring plan, market your job to the broadest and most relevant premium candidate locations, automate initial candidate screening, facilitate communications between candidates, hiring managers and human resource professionals, and capture all of the information to be easily re-used for future, hiring needs. The result, you spend less time on administrative tasks, and increase the time you have available to make great hires.

What is a candidate generation campaign?

A HireMojo candidate generation campaign provides you with smart job marketing to 150+ premium job boards, specialty career networks and social media channels. Our platform then analyzes the performance of each candidate source to continuously bring you the highest quality candidates.

What are HireMojo online interviews?

You’re probably used to manually reviewing over 100 resumes or applications, scanning them for keywords and job titles. Using this type of subjective analysis is now unnecessary and a waste of time. Our online interviews include job specific pre-screening questions that you develop or select from our library of over 20,000 questions to quickly determine whether the candidate(s) have the skills/experience you need along with an understanding of their ability to fit within your company culture. All applicants are scored based on their answers to your specific questions, bringing the most qualified candidates to your attention, and de-emphasizing the unqualified applicants.

What is candidate support?

We believe in promoting your employer brand, ensuring a positive experience for both candidates and hiring managers. This means that our support extends beyond typical phone and email for our customers, and ensures the needs and questions that applicants have are answered as well. If candidates have questions regarding the application process, then we handle it for you. They also have their own private portal and can see their status in the application process.

Why is our library of job descriptions so amazing?

It’s always tough starting from scratch, with HireMojo's job description library you can take a look at the best performing job descriptions and edit/choose a job description that has been proven to result in a hire. We provide you with the data on how well each job description performed, so you can be confident that you’re using one that will bring in the most qualified candidates and result in a hire.

What is hiring plan coaching?

If you'd like, a HireMojo Certified Hiring Advisor will review your hiring plan (including your job description and interview questions) and provide you with feedback and recommendations to ensure you attract the best fit candidates.

What is hiring plan development?

Our hiring plan development add-on provides you with a head start. A HireMojo Certified Hiring Advisor will reach out to you with you a few questions regarding your company. Then, they use that information to develop an initial hiring plan (job description, interview questions, behavioral based questions) that is optimized to attract the best quality candidates for your business.

What is job performance monitoring?

We want to make sure that you find your new employee quickly. Your certified hiring advisor, in concert with our hiring intelligence platform will constantly monitor the performance of your jobs, as measured by the number of qualified candidates, modify your candidate generation campaign and online interviews as needed to ensure you see the most qualified candidates.