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Hiring an employee should be easy. You shouldn’t have to waste time posting on job boards and sifting through hundreds of resumes. HireMojo is a complete hiring and recruiting platform that lets you automate your job description creation, job marketing, candidate flow management, applicant screening and the hiring of the candidate.


Stop Posting and Start Hiring

You get more than just an ATS or Job Board Posting, HireMojo provides you with:

  • A library of thousands of job descriptions and interview questions. Letting you choose and customize the ones with the best hiring performance data for better results.
  • Automatic job marketing and posting to 150+ career networks and premium job boards to attract the best candidates for your position.
  • Screening and Scoring of applicants so the best-fit applicants are brought to your attention, and saving you time sifting through resumes.
  • Complete scheduling and management of your applicants and automated email communication.


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What HireMojo Online Recruiting Software
Can Do For You




Save Time Creating Your Job Descriptions

HireMojo’s online recruiting software provides a library of job descriptions that have been created and used by hundreds of other businesses, as well as the performance data of each. This means you can create a job description based on actual performance data such as, the number of applicants that applied, the number of applicants that were qualified, or the time it took to hire.






online recruiting and job posting system





First-ever HMM Platform. Hiring Made Magical.

Don’t ever worry about losing an applicant in your inbox. HireMojo manages every resume and lets you: schedule interviews, eliminate candidates, send followup emails, and even make your hiring decision all in one place. The hiring process is supposed to be easy, and managing it all through HireMojo truly makes it almost magical.





recruiting software with automated candidate screening


online recruitment software with job performance metrics





Online Recruiting Through Job Marketing and Automatic Sourcing

Stop wasting your time and money posting your jobs on job boards. Use HireMojo’s online recruiting software, which automatically distributes your job to 150+ Career Networks, job boards and specialty sites (including, Craigslist, and all of your social networks). Why should you pick one when you can have them all?





online recruitment software for managing job applicants




Find the Best-Fit Candidates Immediately

How do we ensure that you get the most out of your online recruiting? We apply a hiring algorithm to automatically screen and score all applicants. This means that candidates that actually meet your skills requirements are brought directly to your attention, while all unqualified applicants are removed from the process. You’ll save so much time with HireMojo’s hiring and recruiting platform, you’ll feel like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.


Our Users Love Us!

“I can’t believe I survived without this process for a year and half. It’s a must have for HR management. It such an easy tool and now I have learned it’s not just for the hiring of caregivers but for all HISC office staff.” – Todd Vaughan – CEO HomeInstead

I like the amount of feedback we receive. Since you post our jobs to so many different job posting sites, we receive a high volume of feedback in a short amount of time making the recruitment process much easier. – Rachel Sigler – AverTest Human Resource Assistant/Coordinator

I love how it allowed to communicate easily with candidates and it was really easy for me to stay organized which is a big plus! I highly recommend it. – Jessica Bartolini – Human Resources Associate at The Cedars of Marin

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